It isn’t every day that someone is willing to sit down and write a letter of praise for an artist they have seen perform, yet that is exactly what we have in store for you today.

Choosing to remain anonymous this writer paints a picture of just how truly great our legendary hypnotist Sailesh is at what he does. Read the letter and you will truly then understand why he has been dubbed the world’s greatest hypnotist.

Greetings Fellow Humans:

It isn’t often for me to be left speechless from someone’s performance. That isn’t to say that I am hard to impress, but it is just that I can often describe how incredible something was, however that is not the case with any of Sailesh’s shows I have seen or been a part of. I have seen Sailesh perform 3 times in the past two years and have had the opportunity to be a part of his show once, which was a memory I will never forget.

Let me just come out and say that Sailesh is truly the greatest hypnotist in this world and puts on a show that fills the room with an atmosphere that transcends any verbal descriptors. The first time I saw Sailesh was when I was a freshman in college and he performed during orientation weekend. This was not the show I was a part of, but rather a member of an audience that never once had a moment to take a breath to quiet the laughing or pick its jaw up from the floor. In this show and all the others, Sailesh never forgot about the crowd. He would constantly be interacting and making all feel as if we were a part of the show even if there were hundreds of students in the theater. 

The next show was when I got the taste of what it was like to be a part of Sailesh’s show in front of thousands of thousands of college students and advisers at the 2018 NACA Nationals in Boston. It was a memory that I will never forget and I don’t think a lot of others will either as my belt turned into a snake moving wild and free. Sailesh turns each participant into the star of the show at some point and I mean that literally. Everyone has their moment and each feels as if their moment is every minute they are hypnotized because of the relationship Sailesh creates. 

The third and most recent show I was able to see was him performing again at my university for another orientation weekend, it’s become a tradition you could say. It was in this show that I realized that he truly is the greatest. It was seeing the reactions of another generation of college students interact with this legendary performer and seeing the memories he created with his with yet another crowd.

 It was something that I never have seen another performer fully capture, to be able to go to any crowd, any time, any year, and with anyone on stage and repeat the laughter, specialty, and memories of each time before. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that Sailesh is not only the greatest hypnotist in the world as so many have said, but is rather one of the greatest performers I believe you will ever have the privilege to see or be a part of a show with. I know there are so many others that feel the same that I do, and I hope that someday, we can witness this great talent at work. Sailesh I cannot wait to watch your show again soon my friend and look forward to any wild adventure I get to be a part of on stage should that time come again!

There isn’t much left to say after that heartfelt and honest testimonial given to our man, myth, and legend himself. You heard the writer and we agree we want all to see this great performer, so please visit his bio or contact us directly to learn about how you can make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity a reality!