Dreams can be interpreted in many ways, and their meanings often depend on personal interpretation. However, there are some common dream symbols that have universal meaning. If you want to learn the meaning of your dreams, it’s important to first understand these symbols. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common dream symbols and their meanings. Check it out!

  1. Being chased or followed: The Chase dreams are stressful, and therefore represent anxiety. The feeling states often get highlighted in dreams; this could be due to an intense scene where you’re being chased by someone who wants violence against yourself or others (for example). If your go-to type of dream has been like the one I just had then maybe it’s time for some self care?
  1. Falling: The dream of falling is a classic — you may think about what it means when your dreams bring this feeling. Have they ever made sense to you? In some cases, the fall can symbolize an anxiety or worry issue in our waking life; however there are other possibilities too! The way we land after these incidents often reflects their meaning for each individual person so pay attention next time around. 
  1. When you have a car accident in your dream, it is often related to disorganization or helplessness. “Driving a car and going downhill are common metaphors for feeling out of control,” says Cutler. Falling can also be seen as an example if we’re not aware enough about what’s happening around us so therefore cannot control anything at all!

Pay attention how you feel right when you awake from them. Journaling your dreams is a good way to keep track of your thoughts and feelings. Write down what how you felt, what you experienced. Is there a pattern of dreams? Unexpected dreams sometimes have us revisiting certain things.

Whatever your dream may be, its personal to you and only you can decode what it means for you. So tonight, keep a tool to journal as soon as you awake and we wish you pleasant dreams!