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The most booked hypnotist in the college and university market, Sailesh has been award Entertainer of the Year by APCA and Campus Activities Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards.

Entertainer of the year by APCA and Campus Activities Magazine, see why the most booked hypnotist in the college and university market is Sailesh the Hypnotist! This hypnosis purist is the best in the business and offers a show or package for every venue, event, and occasion. He is versatile and is committed to your satisfaction. A leader in re-bookings, Sailesh appeals to a broad and diverse audience. 500+ Colleges & Universities can’t be wrong

Select the tone and rating for your performance: from PG rated shows to R or even unrated performances, and Sailesh will design a show that your students will never forget. This fast paced, wild ride of a performance offers the audience and those on stage, gut busting fun that begins from the moment the show starts.

Upon client request, Sailesh can provide an unrated show that will leave the audience with their jaws on the floor, rolling in the aisles with laughter. This performance features adult humor and situations, and always keeps the participants’ comfort and well being in mind. Regardless of rating, participants leave the performance feeling great!

Perfect For...

  • Perfect for Campus Activities Boards, orientation week, homecoming, Greek Life, Finals week & more!
  • Show can be PG to Unrated
  • Students are stars of the show, no embarrassment here
  • Entertaining, hilarious and interactive
  • Packages available with or without Super-Power Hour Keynote Workshop
  • 2015 Male Entertainer of the Year (Runner Up) Campus Activities Magazine
  • 2014 Hypnotist of the Year – APCA
  • 2013 Male Entertainer of the Year Runner Up (America’s Best Campus Artists)
  • 2012 Male Entertainer of the Year Nominee (Campus Activities Magazine)
  • 2011 Entertainer of the Year Nominee (CAM)
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College & University Packages

Sailesh works with all size colleges and universities to put together unforgettable entertainment. If you are looking for the best on-campus entertainment, a comedy hypnosis show by Sailesh is the perfect solution.

Typical College Hypnosis shows are one hour to 90 minutes in length. Sailesh requires nothing more than chairs on the stage, microphone, AUX input and of course, YOU. Willing audience members become the stars of the show while interacting in hilarious fashion on stage. The entertainment show portion can be mixed with the Super-Power Hour for a combined total of 2.5hrs of programming!


The Only College and University Performer to win Entertainer of the Year multiple times in the same year!

In addition to a hilarious comedy hypnosis show, Sailesh also offers his interactive workshop called “Super Power Hour” in which students find their inner “super power” to take them to the next level of school, work or in their personal lives. This workshop can be done with or without hypnosis. Using visualization techniques, Sailesh works with participants to “KAPOW!” through limiting obstacles and challenges. The operation base is a combination of participants, an ever gracious presenter and a whole lot of groundbreaking pow, boom and whoosh! Tell your story, hear their story and exchange some big bang ideas. Sailesh’s “Super Power Hour” is a positive beginning ending all negative mindsets.

Need great entertainment and an engaging emcee? Sailesh can perform his award winning comedy hypnosis show and host your next event! Mixing comedy and audience interaction, Sailesh is sure to get the audience fired up. With over 20 years of experience, Sailesh knows how to work a crowd.