The end of the semester is around the corner so help is at hand with these 5 tips that will help you reduce your stress during this season. 1. Use guided meditation Guided meditation can not only reduce stress but it will help you be aware of how you are feeling and pinpoint things you have been ignoring. There are many guided meditations that you can find, you just have to pick one! Trust me, you will feel a lot better after. 2. Practice deep breathing I’m sure you have been told or have heard to take a deep breath when you are stressed! That is because it works! And can help you calm your nerves by slowing down a little.
3. Maintain physical exercise and good nutrition When you eat well you feel good! And with exercise, you get your body moving and release endorphins that will help you feel physically better. 4. Manage social media time Social media is not real, and we all know this. But we find that most of us are so used to mindless scrolling most or every day. Take your eyes off the screen for an hour or two, you might just feel better.
5. Connect with others Human connection is necessary! When we engage with others, we feel happy. There are many studies that talk about the importance of creating relationships in our lives and how it makes us happier! Call up a friend, meet for food, or message someone today.