The holidays are just around the corner, and we would like this opportunity to reflect on this year and thank each and every one of you for working with us. We’ve seen and witnessed the important and productive work you all give to your communities and we applaud you all for it! 

The importance of connection and rebuilding relationships this year was more obvious than ever! Many people have used this year to take action on their goals, careers, and relationships. We see a wave of go-getters and innovative leaders continuing to inspire and finding ways to connect with others. 

Even though it felt like we were disconnected from each other in 2020, we have used 2021 to bring it back to what matters, which is connection! 

As we attended conferences and got to meet and reconnect with you all, we saw the light and brightness that was glowing from everyone. Human connection and live shows have turned up a notch, and we see the excitement to get to some sort of normalcy.

From my family to yours, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and are excited to see events blossom for all of you!