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Let’s start with the facts…

This pandemic has tested us all. The kinds of stress students have endured over this past year is unfathomable and it’s overwhelming. In a non-pandemic year, it is estimated that from 20 to 40 percent of students experience moderate to severe test anxiety on a regular basis, and over 60 percent suffer from test anxiety at least some of the time. Similar anxieties are experienced relating to final papers and homework in general, to school performance and the possibility of failure, in a particular course or as a student. Compounding all of this can be a myriad of other issues around personal and social life.

These anxieties can have a strong negative effect on a student’s test scores, grades, course completion and self-esteem, and can, by extension, have similar negative effects on the college or university itself, specifically regarding student retention and the school’s performance and rankings.

We must rise to the occasion and get ready for what’s next. This means thinking about how to support our students this fall and beyond–their health and emotional wellbeing and more. As the most highly-booked hypnotist in the college and university market, over the years I have come to understand these types of issues, and feel so blessed that my show can really help students feel better about themselves, reduce their anxieties and become more successful – in school and in life. And if they have a wonderful night of entertainment as well, so much the better.

Research confirms what I have long known and practiced: just how effective hypnosis can be in helping students. A study comparing various methods of treating test anxiety, including systematic desensitization, relaxation training, cognitive modification, attentional training, insight therapy, anxiety management training, and hypnosis, found that hypnosis was the most effective approach of them all, and could have a significant positive impact on a student’s anxiety and performance.

The Hypnosis Solution…

When students learn how to effectively deal with stress and anxiety, visualize better performance on tests and homework, identify and reduce negative self-thoughts, and take on other positive habits and tools, they will be happier and feel better about themselves and about school, they will enjoy higher test and course scores and become better, more effective students, and they will be much more likely to complete classes, stay in school and graduate.

Unfortunately, few students can achieve this without help, and many who suffer from test anxiety, or from other anxieties which are holding them back feel there is nothing they can do to improve the situation. Those who have heard of hypnosis may be reluctant to go to a stranger, or into a cold, clinical environment, and expose their anxieties and problems. And even if they might consider such an option, a truly effective hypnotist may simply not be available, or may be unaffordable.

This is where I come in, offering life changing workshops or even a night of hypnosis and comedy that is fascinating, fun and uproariously funny. I was named “Best Hypnotist in the World” by MTV Europe, Campus Activities Magazine’s “Entertainer of the Year” 2x in the same year, and APCA’s Hypnotist of the Year 5x in the past 10 years

As gratifying as all of this recognition may be, much more important to me is, and always has been, students’ health and well-being. If an evening of unforgettable entertainment can also be an evening of positive messages, learning and growth, it can make an enormous difference to them. They can overcome anxiety, realize new levels of self-esteem and personal empowerment, become much more successful in school and enjoy the experience much more. And they can use the same tools and techniques, and enjoy the same positive effects, for the rest of their lives.

Get started on the path to success…

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