The pandemic has been changing college life rapidly with restrictions, and nevertheless this includes changes to Greek life. With philanthropy, social events and networking on the line, what will make of Greek life this coming fall? 


Many campuses have continued to provide support to its organizations through online virtual events. A sense of community is more important than ever before, and complying with social distancing is a must. As Greek life provides many wonderful opportunities to network in-person, having events online is the best option. There will be special opportunities as well to have in person events, but it will depend on the current circumstances. So, the best way to stay safe is to follow the CDC recommendations this coming fall. 


As every college will have a different set of guidelines to how this fall will look, it is clear safety is key. In person activities if approved will consist of social distancing, wearing masks, and the need to consistently be washing your hands. Also, make sure to check in with your friends and family that are starting this fall too. Communication and support with one another is very important during this time. The more connected we are with each other, the better this upcoming year will be. 


Virtual Greek life is not ideal for everyone but it’s a step forward to continue the important experience for many undergraduates. Virtual events and activities will definitely play a role to further expand the college experience. And as the time continues during the end of the quarter or semester, we will have gained valuable knowledge for the next steps in Greek life. 


Stay safe, Stay driven, Stay hopeful.