We know things will look different for Thanksgiving 2021, but you can still give thanks and enjoy the company of your loved ones while staying safe. Dine together virtually Now that we are so connected online, it is possible to ditch tradition in order to stay safe. Getting together virtually by eating and chatting in a zoom/Google chat or simply on your phone. This is a great way to see loved ones with precautions.
Order or send food Everyone loves food! I know we do. A good way to make a festive gesture is to send your family some food. Scale it back Less people in a more intimate setting could be a good option this year. Having less people works well as everyone has the necessary space between each other. Donate your Time  You can volunteer this year to help those in need. During this year and the pandemic, a lot of our communities have gone through many hardships. This is a good time of the year to look for your community’s events and see what people are doing this year to give back.