So last week we rolled out the first of our two-part exclusive story, “Unconscious Bias and the Hypnotic Treatment.” Last we talked exclusively about what Unconscious Bias means, what it does, and how it is a problem. This week we are rolling out the second part of our title, the Hypnotic Treatment. Alongside Sailesh we will look into what Hypnosis does to your mind, how it helps to identify these biases, and finally how it can help cure it. To start let’s go over a little review from last week. We know that Unconscious Bias is defined by Sailesh as, “The part of your mind to which you have no idea what it’s thinking nor can you control it, but it can affect what you do, say, think. and feel.” Furthermore we know that Unconscious Biases are what cause Microaggressions. In a large picture, Microaggressions are the actions of these thoughts and are truly what causes the problem for people. Think you got a pretty good grasp of the review? Good, because we are going to move write along with how hypnosis can provide huge aid in stopping this problem. Hypnosis as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is “a human condition involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness, and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.” Now in our opinion that’s a little technical. So the way Sailesh likes to explain hypnosis is that, “Hypnosis allows your body to go into a state of complete relaxation almost to the point of sleep or in some cases sleep. This then allows your conscious mind to slip away and your unconscious easily susceptible minds to be opened up.” You might already be seeing the topic at hand start to creep in. Now in your Unconscious mind where as Freud suggested we hide our deepest feelings, urges, moments, and desires that are conscious is unaware of, you are then open to suggestion. It is at this time where a hypnotist such as Sailesh, dubbed the World’s Greatest, can begin to make the show come to life. However, Sailesh identifies that Hypnosis is not just a mere form of entertainment but a real treatment that can produce results. Sailesh explains that, “You know I have seen the biases we are talking about come out on stage and it’s really where it hit me that this can help defeat this issue we are facing.” So Hypnosis can bring it to the surface, but what can it do once it’s there to help end it. Well that’s a two fold answer because on the one hand it identified the issue itself, a major component to any solution. While on the other it brings these to the surface where you are still susceptible to suggestion and altercation. This would allow for a trained therapist or medical hypnotist to begin changing the bias you are facing. For example, let’s say you have an Unconscious Bias towards the strength of women. The trained professional hearing this bias and allowing you to unpack it while hypnotized can then begin implementing thoughts and recognition of the true strength of women to help you overcome this. Once overcome then what does this do for us in real life? After all we aren’t walking around, working, or talking in an unconscious state we are conscious the entire time. So why does altering a piece in the Unconscious while hypnotized impact the everyday conscious mind? Boy we are so glad you asked all that because here is the answer. When the professional changes the piece in your mind it changes the action and or Microaggression you display from the unconscious bias you have towards that subject. Now instead of watching a woman pick up a box and saying, “Wow, now that’s too heavy for you girl” and taking it from her you might just allow her the freedom to carry the box, or as we would have you do ask if they need help rather than assume they can’t do it. Hypnosis alters the actions, assumptions, and phrase of speech that fall under microaggressions. Just imagine a place where these didn’t occur or at the very least they were extremely low instead of our norm. But the Hypnotic treatment is not just a quick fix, it is a process because it has to alter long-term memory in some cases, which literally means the structure of our brain to will alter. In Sailesh time and experience he says takes up to a minimum of 21 days and or treatments with actually focused hypnosis to make a change. Just imagine the possibilities that can be unlocked for people if they weren’t constrained by Unconscious Biases or worse inflicting those biases through Microaggressions on others. Join us today by helping make this practice more readily available and talked about so that the entire public can know the true impact it can have. To talk more about this feel free to leave a comment and ask Sailesh questions more about this treatment. Don’t forget either that the World’s Greatest Hypnotist can not only advocate for the positive impact about his craft, but can use it for fun, safe, and inclusive entertainment for all better than anyone else!