In Collaboration with The Dating Doctor David Coleman.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and for many it can’t come soon enough. Fall has been packed with meetings, events, conferences, joys, sorrows, successes, failures, gains, losses and pleasant surprises.  Each of these required energy and investment and break periods provide the perfect opportunity for the four R’s to kick into play:

Rest…Rejuvenation…Reflection and Refocus.


Simply put, the chaos of fall can cause people to feel as if they’re in perpetual motion. Be it classes, meetings, office hours, events, studying, self-care, friendships, dating or staying connected to family and friends, fall term tests the mettle of even the most experienced student leaders and staff. So first, get some rest. Catch upon the sleep that has eluded you. Eat healthy and well. Exercise regularly. Reconnect with family and friends and simply take a much needed and well deserved deep breath.


Break time allows us an opportunity to self-assess and ascertain what energies and attitudes may have been depleted that could use invigorated. It may be a combination of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and completely unique and different for every person. For some, being home is all that is needed. For others, a trip away or to the gym could be the elixir. Music. Food. Friends. Family. Simply binging for a day on a favorite show you’ve missed. Choose what rejuvenates you in a healthy way.


Use the break period to examine all that occurred or didn’t over the fall term. What successes can be built upon?  What struggles can be overcome? What relationships and interactions boosted the morale of your organization and which were detrimental? What changes can and should be made and what is the proper protocol to make it happen?  Were your goals met? Was your mission valued and followed? Did ulterior motives interfere? Time away can clear the mind and invigorate creativity.


Before leaving campus at the end of fall term, share the Four R’s above and discuss how the group will stay in contact. Perhaps a private Chat Group can be established, or a communication chain formed.  As long as everyone is aware and invested, break time does not have to freeze on any momentum you built up in the fall. It can be just the opposite!