Corporate Comedy Hypnotist

Looking for the best in event entertainment? Sailesh has been dubbed “The Best Hypnotist on the Planet” and “Ridiculously Brilliant.” Bring the best comedy hypnotist to your next corporate event.

Sailesh the hypnotist is the ultimate professional entertainment for your corporate event!  With over 5,000 shows, Sailesh acts as a gracious host, while your employees become the stars of the show. Sailesh guarantees an amazing performance, designed to increase team unity, maximize fun, and create memories.

With over 20 years experience, Sailesh is the best comedy hypnotist in the business and offers a show or package for every venue, event, and occasion. He is versatile and committed to your satisfaction.  A proven crowd-pleaser, Sailesh appeals to a wide audience and allows the client to set the tone, pace, and theme of the performance.  You  determine the rating for each performance and Sailesh will design a show just for you that compliments your venue, corporate culture, and policies.

Upon request, Sailesh can provide an unrated show that will leave the audience with their jaws on the floor, rolling in the aisles with laughter.  This performance features adult humor and situations, and always keeps the participants’ comfort and well being in mind.  Regardless of rating, participants leave the performance feeling great with their head held high; taking with them a memory of laughter and fun that will last a lifetime.

A dynamic emcee, Sailesh also offers a package for corporate clients as host and performer. Additionally, his Super Power Hour Workshop is available to stimulate professional and personal growth.

  • Perfect for Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Award Ceremonies, Holiday Parties, Trade Shows, Casinos and more
  • Show rating can be PG to Unrated
  • Audience members are stars of the show, no embarrassment here
  • Entertaining, interactive & hilarious
  • Packages available with or without Super-Power Hour Keynote Workshop
  • 20yrs professional experience to audiences of all ages and backgrounds
  • Show is designed to be non-offensive while still entertaining for adult audiences
  • Entertainer + Emcee Package Available
  • Super Power Hour – Personal Development Workshop Available


It’s no surprise that Sailesh is the best hypnotist on the market. 5,000 shows and counting.

“His Hypnosis Show is Like No Other”
Manchester Evening News
“One of the funniest clips on the web”
“We Think Sailesh is the Best Uncensored Hypnotist on the Planet!”
MTV Europe
“He’s Canada’s Best Uncensored Hypnotist”
Inside Entertainment
“We’ve done many different shows with many international stars and Sailesh is one of our biggest successes ever….He is the nicest and most professional performer we have ever worked with. I can’t praise Sailesh and his show enough!”
Isleifur Thorhallsson, Global Event Network (Europe)
“I knew what I was booking, but seeing it in person blew us away! This is a first rate show.”
Jack Summers, Network Productions (USA)
“Original and incredibly funny! The audience went wild, and this was without a doubt the best show of the year.”
The Icelandic National News


Sailesh works with all size corporations, organizations and clients to put together a truly unforgettable experience. If you are looking for the best in corporate event entertainment, a comedy hypnotist show by Sailesh is the perfect solution.